Registration is Now Open for the FALL 2019 Season!

Commissioner Information:
Jason Leaphart


Location: BREC Central Sports Park on 10501 Lovett Road


Player Fees:
$165/ Player


Player Fees Include:

  • Pre-season skills camp that will be held the first week of August (exact date to be determined)
  • NFL team jersey View Sample | View Size Chart
  • Flag belt and set of flags
  • Trophies for division winners
  • Minimum of 8 games and maximum of 10 games plus single elimination playoffs (guaranteed 1 playoff game)
  • 1 game per week/ 1 BYE week
  • Trained game officials

Equipment Needed:

  • Cleats (no metal): Football, soccer, and baseball rubber cleats acceptable
  • Tennis shoes also acceptable



Age Classifications: Age as of September 1st, 2019

5/6; 7/8; 9/10; 11/12


Tentative Fall Schedule:


The season will run from the second week of September to the second week of November.  The exact dates will be released soon. 

The exact days of the week in which games will be played will also be released soon. 

Practices can begin once registration is complete.  The time and place will be determined by your coaches.

Team Requests and Formation:


Teams will be made up of 7 children to ensure maximum playing time.

You may request a specific team by inputting your coach's name at the time of registration.  You can form your own team up to 5 players of your choice when you input your coach's name during registration.  The other 2 players on your team will come from a DRAFT that will occur IMMEDIATELY after skills camp. 

The team or teams with the fewest athletes on their roster to begin the draft will draft first and they will continue drafting until all teams have equal amount of players. Our goal is to create balanced & competitive teams while accommodating as many team requests as possible.  We will try our best to accommodate requests; however, there are no guarantees.  


Coaching a Team and Officiating:


If you are interested in coaching a team, please contact the commissioner directly. We will have a coaches' meeting for both experienced and new coaches before the season.

Practice times and location will be at the discretion of the coach.

Please email the commissioner at if you are interested in coaching or officiating.